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I love the customers reactions when they see my clothes... Today was special
I was standing in front of the 2.97 room(aka Treasure Hunt Room/Value Vault)
everyone has their special name for hunting for their treasures

My inspiration is the customer reactions such as today-
'I love to see what you are wearing because it is like you are "Art"

The picture above is by my sewing machine...I hang my clothes along the walls.
I don't have a "closet"... so I guess they are like art because they are right in front of me all the time I am there.   So here is the outfit I wore today, I made the jacket before work Thursday and put the open slit sleeves on the green drapeneck blouse before I went to work on Saturday.  The pants were the usual "20 minute Tubins'" that I make... I love those pants-every one of them...so comfy like leggings, but every color and texture you can imagine.   If nothing else just sew a pair of leggings and make yourself PROUD.-It is good to be the Queen...haha, as I say to the customers sometimes, I am the Queen of everything and yet the Queen of Nothing in particular.

I always start with the earrings

Lime green drape neck shirt with open sleeves, lime green tubin pants, and free flowing cardigan of just lace with the scarves of the same multi-colors...
Sometimes it just hits it!-but I didn't feel it until the customer claimed I was 'Art' LOL- Thank You customers


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