Scarves Scarves and More Scarves

So Many Beautiful Fabrics....

If nothing else I make a scarf a day... different lengths- if you have one longer around the neck one, you can use it to tie the others together... like a mans tie knot...or use elastic style bracelets around the middle..... fun fun fun

On this outfit... I have one around the neck scarf with slanted ends... and one around the neck scarf with boxed ends..

This outfit has two infinity scarves with it....

This outfit has a number of different color scarves to pop the solids

Just a single infinity scarf with lots of color or

Scarves accenting the solid color instead of contrasting..

The Silk Bin-The Poly chiffon table-The Silk print table....or just rummage in the Treasure Hunt Room...So many choices

I cut at least three pairs of pants at a time... I use a legging pattern with a straight leg to the legs so I can look grown up for work, but with the comfort of leggins ... I call them I cut them out and lay them next to the sewing machine and I have pants in every texture and color, but working at G Street-there is always something I haven't made before...  (2 pieces- a right leg and a left leg) how much time could that possibly take... I have it down to 10 minutes sewing time.

My favorite Blouses are the drape neck as they are quick also, as they are just a front back and sleeves... with only a back neck facing on my favorite pattern.

My favorite Jacket Style


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